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Those with the creative pulse that is the blood life of survival. Those who respond the beat of their own drum. "impossible", "not-doable" and "cannot" isn't part of their vocab...

They personify the term; #PushaPandaPlay. Forget about the roads less travel... they only speak of new paths conquered and new-routes discovered. Innovation is the lifeline and agility is the fuel that keeps them going... that keeps them defining...

The hustle so pure — it's ignited to life through work, passion and resourcefulness made visible. They don't seek handouts but opportunity.

See — they define the term; a window of opportunity! Armed with passion, vigour, drive and ambition so loud to execution. Bursting at the seems with energy that spells
out-on-the-go to make my dreams possible.

Chasing the only the freshest expression of self through their hustle... But above all - they are the ones in search of all that fuel their engine as they keep their eyes firmly on the prize.